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Ugly Mugs had just closed it's doors when we first laid eyes on it and it was very different to what it is today. It wasn't our style and not what we were used to but we took it on anyway because we saw potential and wanted to make it into a place that locals love coming to and where everyone feels welcome. One of those great little places that wouldn't know is there but is an absolute ripper.

Anyone in small business can tell you that it isn't easy and if we didn't love this little place, tucked away in the corner, then we wouldn't have made it through the past 12 months. 2020 was full of challenges and they probably aren't over yet. We've had lockdowns, constantly changing rules for hospitality venues and like a lot of you, separation from loved ones interstate. Its been HARD for everyone!  

We are over a year into this venture now and are still chugging along! This is thanks to our amazing staff and the continuous support of the local Greenfields and Mandurah community. We have gotten to know so many locals since starting up, all with their own interesting stories to tell. Right from the begining, this community has made us feel welcome and supported. We've had honest feed back to keep us on track and loads of encouragment. 

Thank you All for supporting our family business with your smiles, stories, jokes and good company. 

Nicole and Nathan

~ A smile from a stranger might just brighten up someone's day ~