Pesto Chicken - Pesto marinated chicken , grilled mushrooms, wilted spinach, napoli and cheese $22

Pulled Pork - Pulled BBQ pork, onion jam, roast capsicum, pickles, napoli and cheese with mustard drizzle $24

Buffallo Chicken - buffallo marinated chicken, spanish onion, buffallo mozzarella, spring onion, napoli and cheese $22

Pumpkin & Potato - Roast pumpkin, chat potatoes, roasted onions, napoli, cheese, parmesan $22

Breakfast Pizza - Bacon, egg, roasted tomatoe, roasted onion, wilted spinach, napoli, cheese, parmesan and hollandaise drizzle $24

Margherita - buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, napoli and chesse $16

Hawaiian - shaved ham, pineapple, roasted onion, napoli and cheese $18

Capricciosa - ham, mushroom, artichokes, olives, napoli and cheese $20

Meat Lovers - chicken, ham, pepperoni, roasted onion, napoli and cheese with bbq sauce drizzle $24

Pepperoni - pepperoni, napoli and cheese $18

Vegetarian - capsicum, pumpkinn, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, napoli and cheese $20

Garlic Pizza - fresh fluffy base seasoned with garlic, herbs and sea salt $8